Cooperative Bank Kenya Direct Sales Representative Jobs, Salaries


Cooperative Bank recruits direct sales representatives every year to market their products as well as open new accounts for clients.

The bank always recruits in masses-at least 200 Direct Sales Representative-who are sent to branches to perform assigned duties.

One thing you should know about Cooperative Bank is that it’s among the best paying banks in Kenya, with fresh graduates who are recruited as Graduate Clerks earning over sh 68,000.

Another attractive thing about cooperative bank is the fact that recruitment is always transparent; even if you know nobody within the bank you will get a job, genuinely.

Direct Sales Representatives are paid Sh 20,000-Sh 25,000 per month but the salary can increase with time if your performance is exemplary.

You should also note that even if you are employed as a Sales Representative, after job appraisal, you can be promoted to the position of Graduate Clerk/Bank Teller.

What is required for the position is undergraduate degree or experience in Sales.

The jobs are normally advertised on local dailies and on the bank’s website.







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