Cost of DNA Test In India and Hospitals &Labs Doing the Test


There are several reasons why DNA testing is conducted in India, and the cost of the test depends on the type and urgency. Several hospitals do the test, which we are going to list below.

The first and most popular test is Paternity DNA Test.This test cost Ksh 19,000-Ksh 22,000.

It is done to determine whether somebody is the biological parent of a child. This is mostly done by individuals who are applying for separation or divorce, where the results are needed for confirmation.

Maternity DNA Test

This is the second most popular test where the mother wants to know the biological mother of the unborn child. In India it will cost you Ksh 19,000-Ksh21, 000 to do the test.

DNA Siblingship Testing

DNA siblingship test is done on sisters and brothers who want to know whether they are biologically related. This process mostly happens when the parents die and there is inheritance issues. The siblings request for DNA test to determine who among them is not biologically related to others.

DNA Immigration Testing

DNA immigration testing occurs in India when applying for a VISA. The process is necessary to assure the authority that you are an Indian and for record keeping purpose.You need at least Ksh 18,000 to conduct this test.

DNA testing and results takes at most two days in India, it can take longer if there are many people involved in the process.

List of hospitals and laboratories doing DNA testing in India

List of Laboratories

    Central Forensic Science Laboratory, Delhi

Dr. BK Mahapatra

Associate Biology Division

Ph: 9312523536, 24360095

Mail: [email protected]


    Centre For Fingerprinting and Diagnostics (CDFD), Hyderabad

Dr. Madhusudan Nandineni

Scientist and In-charge

Ph: 24749331, 24749330

Mail: [email protected]


    DNA Labs India, Hyderabad

Ravi Kiran Reddy

Ph: 9395142800

Mail: [email protected]


Bio-Axis DNA Research Centre

Ph: 9246338983

Mail: [email protected]


Truth Labs, Hyderabad

Ph: 9490690222, 04023390999

Mail: [email protected]