Courses offered at Kampala International University


Bachelor Level

Bachelor of Business Administration (Accounting)

Bachelor of Business Administration (Banking and Finance)

Bachelor of Business Administration (Marketing)

Bachelor of Supplies & Procurement Management

Bachelor of Human Resources Management

Bachelor of International Business Management

Bachelor of Marketing Management

Diploma Level

Diploma in Business Administration

Diploma in Human resource Mgt

Diploma in Marketing Management

Diploma in supplies and procurement management

Certificate Level

Certificate in Business Administration

Certificate in Human resource Management

Certificate in Strategic Marketing management

Certificate in customer care and public relation

Department of Development Studies

Bachelor Level

Bachelor of Public Administration

Bachelor of Development Studies

Bachelor of Arts in Guidance and Counseling

Bachelor of Conflict resolution and peace building

Bachelor of Arts in Social work and Social Administration

Diploma level

Diploma in Public Administration

Diploma in Development studies

Diploma in Guidance and Counseling

Diploma in Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies

Certificate Level

Certificate in Public Administration

School Of Health Sciences

Bachelors of Medicine and Surgery

Bachelors of Pharmacy

Bachelors of Medical Laboratory

Diploma in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology

Diploma in Clinical Medicine

Certificate in Pharmacy Technology

Certificate in Medical Laboratory Technology

Certificate in Clinical Medicine

School Of Applied Sciences And Technology


Bachelors in Information Technology

Bachelors in Computer Science

Bachelors in Computer Engineering

Bachelors in Information System


Diploma in Computer Science


Certificate in Information Technology

School Of Law

Bachelor Of Law

Diploma In Law

Certificate In Law

Bridging Course/Foundation For Certificates

Faculty Of Education

Bachelor Of Arts With Education-3 years

Diploma in Secondary Education -2 years






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