CPA new syllabus


KASNEB changed the syllabus for Certified Public Accountants (CPA).As usual the professional exam is administered in June and December. The new syllabus does not vary much with the old one except few changes in section 5 and 6 and level 2.

The following is the new syllabus for CPA

Certified Public Accountants CPA Syllabus

Section 1

Financial Accounting (CA11)

Commercial Law (CA12)

Entrepreneurship and Communication (CA13)

Section 2

Economics (CA21)

Management Accounting (CA22)

Public Finance and Taxation (CA23)

Section 3

Company Law (CA31)

Financial Management (CA32)

Financial Reporting (CA33)

Section 4

Auditing and Assurance (CA41)

Management Information Systems (CA42)

Quantitative Analysis (CA43)

Section 5

Strategy, Governance and Ethics (CA51)

Advanced Management Accounting (CA52)

Advanced Financial Management (CA53)

Section 6

Advanced Public Finance and Taxation (CA 61)

Advanced Auditing and Assurance (CA 62)

Advanced Financial Reporting (CA 63)






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