Dennis Okari Defends Wife Betty Kyalo over Prezzo


Following the drama at KTN on Friday, celebrated journalist Dennis Okari has come to the defense of his wife Betty Okari.

While calling CMB Prezzo a Kid, Dennis posted the following on Twitter:

“I am really sorry Babe @BettyOkari if what I’m reading on the interwebs is true. That Kid didn’t deserve that interviews”.

Okari also stated he is too senior to fight with kids:

“And since I wasn’t raised like a pig,I move on swiftly.Happy Sabbath”.

Prezzo was accused of appearing on the interview while drunk and touching Betty Kyalo, Dennis’s wife, inappropriately.

It is barely three months since Betty and Dennis tied the knot. If what was witnessed live on TV could possibly happen in private then Dennis is not lucky.







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