Digital vs Analogue TV in Nigeria, Which is Better?


Perhaps you are wondering, ‘which is the best TV to buy in Nigeria between digital and analogue televisions’. The answer is, digital.

Digital TV screens have numerous advantages over analogue televisions. As a buyer, you shouldn’t waste your time and money to buy analogue TV as they are being phased out. In this era, TV manufacturers are limiting the number of analogue TVs and in the near future not company will manufacture a single analogue TV.

One disadvantage of analogue TV is that once you purchase it, you will be forced to purchase a decoder, which pushes the cost further. Another disadvantage is, the quality of images from this TV is low.

Knowing well analogue TV won’t serve you well, you will definitely go for a digital television. A digital TV does not require a set box, you only need to buy an aerial.

Digital televisions are also known have high picture quality since they have higher resolution compared to analogue televisions.

Though digital televisions are good, the brand to purchase also matters. The best brands in Nigeria are:

  1. Sony
  2. Samsung
  3. Hisense
  4. TCL
  5. LG

While buying a television you should also note that the size matters. If your family is small, 32 inch television is ideal for you. If you are purchasing a television to place in a pub, you will go for a bigger one—in this case, a 42 inch television is ideal.

Where to buy the television

Jumia Nigeria is the best place to buy any TV of your choice. When you order online the TV will be delivered to your doorstep. You can check various televisions listed on Jumia website (Jumia website)