Direct Sales Representative Jobs in KCB Bank and Salary


Direct Sales jobs at Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) are advertised every year and they attract many applicants.

The position is for individuals with at least a degree from a recognized university or sales background.

KCB prefer fresh graduates who are actively looking for entry positions in banks. This group is full of energy and can help the bank meet sales target.

Direct Sales Representative jobs are advertised on KCB website and local dailies.

One thing I like about KCB is that recruitment is free and fair-even if you know nobody you can get a job at KCB.Another thing I like about this position is that once you are in the field performing your duties, you are evaluated in terms of performance and you will be surprised to be offered a more attractive position like Bank Clerk.

The salary for Direct Sales Representative is Sh 14,000-Sh 25,000.






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