Easiest Universities to graduate in Kenya


We have seen several cases of students spending over 10 years in college due to various reasons that are beyond their control.

One of my colleagues in college spent 4 years in fourth year and finally graduated after begging the lecturer to award him even a D for him to get a certificate to seek employment.

There is a time Universities in the country used to offer quality education, where students were awarded marks based on their efforts, which time came to an end when more students joined college, stretching the lecturers to the limits. At this moment, the lecturers forgot their code of conduct and started asking for something small from the students before they award them marks. The most affected students were women who became vulnerable before male teachers.

I have met several students complaining of being awarded marks which they don’t deserve, while others who didn’t sweat in class scoring good grades because the lecturers were in good terms with some of them.
Several students score first classes which they don’t deserve while a majority score poor grades which they equally didn’t deserve. This habit has even prompted the ministry of higher education to complain of half-baked graduates.

They have even threatened in many occasions to punish universities which don’t bother giving students quality education.

When I was in college, some lecturers, especially older ones used to award marks without even marking the examination papers. Sometimes we used to visit their offices and find un marked past papers on their tables while the students who did the exam graduated long time ago.

When I visited college I told myself that I must one day conduct thorough research to establish which university one can join and get easier time through college and graduation.

I have been going through Universities, asking students from various faculties and institutes whether they are comfortable with their colleges. Most of the students said that they don’t have a problem with their lecturers while a few, especially from public universities said that they have had several challenges in the hands of their lecturers.

Some of the Universities where it’s hard to graduate include JKUAT,Maseno university,Baraton University and University of Nairobi.

Universities which are easier to graduate include:
1. Daystar University
2. Kenya Methodist University (KEMU)
3. Kenyatta University (KU)
4. Mount Kenya University (MKU)
5. Strathmore University
6. Riara University
7. Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA)
8. Pwani University






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