How To Get Internship or a Job at Cocacola South Africa


Cocacola South Africa happens to be one of the highest paying institutions in the country. The company recruits interns as well as experienced professionals annually. For you to join the company, you have to know one or two secrets.

It is normal for a jobseeker to know the exact procedure to use in order to get a job at Cocacola, but following my experience, and having worked at the company for years, I would like to advise you, and take this advice seriously.Cocacola employs the best, so the first thing to do is first to ensure you pass your exams, pursue a marketable degree course and then take your CV to a professional to determine whether it meets the minimum standards of the employer. Once you have done those basics, then drop your CV at Coca-Cola headquarters. To drop your CV means applying through their website

When you are searching for internships, you should personally visit the company premises and ask for guidance. Alternatively, simply wait until they advertise on their website.

Being a manufacturing firm, Coca-Cola employs graduates with the following skills:


Industrial Chemistry






Lab Technology

Sales and Marketing

Public Relations

Procurement and Purchasing

The company can also employ other candidates outside this brackets, as long as they possess undergraduate degree.