Gikomba market Nairobi


Gikomba Market is located at the heart of Nairobi and is the largest open air market in Kenya,supplying the entire East Africa with products like clothes,shoes,vegetables etc.

The market was developed in early 70s when Nairobi was still developing. It grow exponentially when there was persistent increase in the number of people visiting the city, Nairobi.

Most of the products sold at Gikomba come from Central Kenya,Kajiado,Dubai,Qatar,Turkey,USA,Uganda,Tanzania,Somalia and UAE.the products are either shipped or flown by air from those countries.

If you want the cheapest products in Kenya, Gikomba market is the place to visit. For instance,a cloth that costs Ksh 600 in towns like Kisumu and Kericho could cost Ksh 300 in Gikomba.That simply tells you how cheap Gikomba market is in terms of cost of products.

The irony is that fish in Gikomba are cheaper than in Kisumu yet fishing is done in Kisumu. What is interesting about the market also is the fact that vegetables are fresh, unlike in other markets.

The main products sold at Gikomba include: vegetables, meat, electronic products, home appliances, clothes, shoes, handbags, food, and construction materials.

Though most of the products are genuine, there are several traders selling counterfeit products.