Graduate Trainee Jobs in Uganda and Salaries


Graduate trainees are individuals who are employed through a competitive process and trained to take up positions within the institutions in Uganda. These positions are usually reserved for fresh graduates who have little or no professional experience.

You should be aware that Graduate Trainee opportunities are rare, so the number of applicants is normally high, sometimes overwhelming the recruiters. The best thing to do is apply as soon as you see the advert. If you wait until the last time; you’ll be surprised that the shortlisting panel has not considered your application.

The salaries given to graduate trainees in Uganda are not high but with time they grow to reach where an individual is comfortable with life.

Training for this position normally takes months to 2 years, depending on the company you are working for.

The best websites to look for graduate trainees positions in Uganda include Brightermonday,Fixus Jobs, and Ugandan Jobline Jobs.






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