Graduates From Mount Kenya University (MKU),St Paul’s and KEMU Are Not Marketable


There is a strange and unique trend in Kenya where employers are deliberately rejecting graduates from Mount Kenya University,St Paul’s University and Kenya Methodist University. The employers are claiming that the graduates luck enough and relevant skills to make them relevant in the current competitive job market.

As a result, many graduates from these three universities are either jobless or sinking in depression. Research shows that more than 60 percent of graduates from these universities are jobless and hopeless.

One thing that make employers worried is the fact that a university like Mount Kenya has introduced all the courses that exist in this world yet it doesn’t have enough man power. This has resulted to producing half-baked graduates.

One trick that these universities do is to lower the entry points-they even allow students with D- to join their universities-so that more students can be attracted to join them. But when a Human Resources Officer finds out that you scored a D- yet you have a first class from MKU and you didn’t attend the pre university training, they will reject you.

Students who know the trick join popular universities like UoN, JKUAT, Strathmore and Moi.

It is better to pursue a diploma from a top college like KMTC or do a CPA than going for a degree which will be useless.






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