Gulf African Bank Kenya Foreign Exchange Terms


At Gulf African Bank offer the best competitive rate for your foreign currencies. Foreign exchange or forex deal is the act of buying of one currency and selling another on the local or international market using the spot rate (i.e. the current rate of a currency to another).


Currency – KES, USD, GBP, EURO, UGX, TSH, INR, JPY and others

Types of account – individuals, corporate, governments, non-governmental organisations, banks and financial institutions

Eligibility – resident and non-resident

Age Requirement- 18 years and above

Duration – spots

Account deposit – No minimum. An amount of more than 5,000 USD is subject to a special rate from treasury.

Mode of Deposit – cash, transfer from saving/current account

Delivery Channel – branches (to be credited/debited from client account) and for financial institution or bank to be transferred through interbank

Statement – invoice for any purchase above Kshs. 10,000 equivalent of USD

Product Pricing

Rates are linked to spot rates obtained from forex market (information available from dealing system)

SME and Corporate customers can deal directly or through Relationship Managers (RM’s) subject to signing of the dealing manadate.



For customers – swift charges and for banks no charges

No commission


Retail Customers – selling or buying instruction obtained from customer through the branches

Corporate Customers – selling or buying instructions

Banks – repurchase agreement

Dealing Mandate


For Banks – credit lines limit established as agreed by the ALCO Committee

For Retail and Corporate – availability of funds

Customer should have account with Gulf African Bank