Health Benefits of Cucumber…These are Diseases Cucumber Can Heal

Cucumber is one of the most recommended fruits by doctors. The fruit has more than 30 health benefits, and also heals several diseases.

Cucumber, a long, green-skinned fruit with moist flesh, usually eaten raw in salads or pickled. Popularly known as khira/kheera or kakdi in Hindi, cucumber is one of the earliest crops believed to have originated in the Asian region. It has a wide range of usefulness to the human race. Some of which are;

Constipation Relief: It is proven that if one consumes cucumbers on a daily basis, he/she can develop constipation relieving mechanism. This is because the number of calories in cucumber is very little, but its fiber content adds to your bowel bulk and reduces problems like constipation

Renal System: Cucumber fluids/juice contains a diuretic substance that helps flush out or get rid of toxins from your body. Furthermore, it has the capability of easing the pressure on your kidneys and keeps them healthy. This works best if taken on a daily basis thus it is believed that cucumbers help treat problems arising from your urinal system.

Digestive System: It has a high amount of fiber that helps in digestion of food in human beings. Problems such as heartburn, acidity, gastritis, and ulcers can be cured by consuming cucumber slices or juice on a daily basis.

Electrolyte Balance: It is one of the bests sources of potassium and believed to contain approximately 136 milligrams of potassium per 100 grams of its juice. Potassium is both a mineral and an electrolyte that helps in the blood clotting process as well as blood pressure regulation. Therefore, if consumed on a daily basis, it has the capability of maintaining one’s electrolyte level in the blood.

Inflammation reduction: It has an extract (flavonoids) believed to reduce unwanted inflammation. It inhibits the production of prostaglandin which is an inflammatory organic compound. Furthermore, it has another substance known as beta-carotene which acts as an antioxidant. The latter helps fight free radicals and controls damage thus boosting the healing process.

Cancer Preventive: Cucumbers are known to contain lignans. This is a substance well known for reducing the risks and chances of developing prostate cancer, uterine cancer, and breast cancer, etc. It contains some of the essential ingredients like secoisolariciresinol, lariciresinol, pinoresinol that helps in the reduction of risks associated with all sorts of disease.

It has a vitamin C in its seeds which is also another antioxidant substance that boosts and improves one’s immunity system thus advisable to be taken on a daily basis.

Dental Health: Cucumber also combats bad breath. This is done through the production of phytochemicals that kills the bad breath causing bacteria. Its juice can also effectively treat the gum disease such as pyorrhoea and weak gums. Cucumber keeps gums and teeth healthy as it removes bad odor/smell from the mouth. Regular consumption of cucumber with the seeds neutralizes acids in the mouth and promotes salivation.

Cures Hangover: Cucumber can also be used to cure a hangover and the headache associated with it. They help in the elimination of the toxins present in the alcohol as well as the rehydration of the body’s nutrients. The chemical contents that reduce the intensity of hungover & headache are the sugar, vitamin B, and electrolytes in the cucumber.

Strengthening of Bones: Cucumber is also known as an excellent remedy to strengthen human’s bones. Vitamin K in cucumbers plays a crucial role in strengthening bones by promoting orthotropic activity. Also, the high amount of silica in Cucumber helps improve joint health by strengthening the connective tissue.

Treatment of Alzheimer’s: Another benefit of cucumber is its ability to treat cognitive disabilities like Alzheimer’s disease. Cucumbers contain a flavonoid called fisetin that is neuroprotective and enhances cognitive abilities, thereby delaying the onset of Alzheimer’s.

 Reduction of Hair Fall: The most significant benefit of cucumber for hair is primarily because of its silicon, sulfur, sodium, phosphorus, and calcium contents that are some of the most needed nutrients required for hair growth.

It is advisable to drink cucumber juice daily to control hair fall and also to apply cucumber juice to your hair and scalp. Leave it on for about an hour and then shampoo