Helderberg  College International Applicants Requirements


Helderberg  College International Applicants Requirements are as follows.

Helderberg campus has housed students from approximately 47 different countries over the years.

We proudly display the flags of the countries our students represent in the college’s Anderson Hall, and celebrate our diversity every year on Heritage Day (24 September).

For our international students to legally study in South Africa, a number of regulations are applicable. Please take careful note of these, and contact the Admissions Office if you need further clarification on any point.



International students are required by South African Government and Helderberg regulation to pay their full fees a year in advance before a study visa will be granted.  More information about Helderberg fees can be found here.

The government of South Africa requires that international students must be in the possession of a valid Helderberg Study Visa before they register here.  Helderberg is unable to apply for student visas on behalf of international students. If you arrive without your study visa, you will be sent back to your home country.

Applications must be made to the Embassy or Office of the Representative of the Republic of South Africa nearest to the student. As it takes about six to eight weeks for a student visa to be granted, ample time should be given.  See the Department of Home Affairs website. Also available on their site is information regarding the documentation required for a study visa application.



Matriculation exemption in accordance with the provisions of the Matriculation Board of South Africa is defined as matriculation equivalence.

For students from countries that follow the British educational system, matriculation equivalence is two A-level and three O-level subjects, or three M-level and two O-level subjects which satisfy the matriculation subject grouping requirements. Matriculation mathematics equivalence is at least M-level mathematics.

Students applying from countries which do not follow the British system and who wish to register for a degree course must meet the requirements for entrance into university degree studies in their home countries. A document certifying such eligibility must be completed by a university in the applicant’s home country and submitted to Helderberg together with all documents pertaining to High School qualification. Alternatively, students may request an evaluation of their High School grades by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). Forms and information to do this are available via the SAQA website, www.saqa.org.za, or from the Admissions Office.



International students who have not received their High School education in English must show evidence of having satisfactorily completed the Test of English as Foreign Language (TOEFL) with a score of at least 550 before proceeding to Helderberg. Details of examination times may be obtained from any United States Information Office. Students who fail to achieve the necessary score must first take classes in the English Language School. After passing the TOEFL they will be allowed to continue with their studies.


  1. An application form, together with the required documentation, must be completed. Applications submitted without all required documentation are not processed.
  2. After submission of this form to the College for evaluation, you will receive an official response.
  3. If accepted for admission, you will first receive a provisional acceptance letter, stating your acceptance and indicating the fees to be paid to Helderberg before full acceptance is granted.
  4. Upon payment of the fees, you will receive a letter of full acceptance and a letter to the Embassy where you will apply for a visa, indicating full payment and full acceptance.
  5. Once you receive this, apply for your study visa.