Highest paid lawyers in Kenya


Law is one of the most rewarding degree courses in Kenya. The profession is highly adored with many practicing lawyers making millions monthly.

While many young lawyers as well as students believe that the highest paid lawyers are those working with the government, the reality indicates that those in private practice earn more than employees in government.

Having gone through the records of most lawyers in Kenya, I found out that Paul Muite, the veteran lawyer makes more than Sh 20 million a month. If he has a good case, like that of Mau Mau, Muite makes up to Ksh 100 million per single case.

What makes clients-especially big clients-seek Muite’s services is the fact that he has a record of winning big case, and he possess over 30 years’ experience in law profession.

Another lawyer who makes not less than Sh 10 million per case is Abdullahi Ahmedinasir.This man does not take any case whose returns are less than Sh 10 million. If you approach him then be ready to part with Sh 10 million.

Cliff Ombeta is another big fish in the profession. He specializes in representing clients who have committed serious offences like Murder. Due to the risk associated with his cases, he charges exorbitantly.

James Orengo is not left behind. Though he is so engrossed in political matters.Orengo occasionally represents clients in Kenyan courts. This Ugenya man does not accept small cases. He has history of winning cases,a reason enough to enable him charge what he feels good for his account.

Katwa Kigen

Katwa Kigen represented Joshua Arap Sang at the Hague. He is one of the soft spoken lawyers who can win cases whenever he wants. His charges range from Sh 1,5 million to Sh 20 million.

Fred Ngatia

You remember the petition between President Uhuru Kenyatta and CORD leader Raila Odinga.Ngatia was the man who made Kethi Kilonzo shed tears in court.Ngatia rarely lose a case, but if you are poor try elsewhere.