Highest paying careers and jobs in Netherlands.


Netherlands is one of the few countries in the world that reward scholars and degree holders. Being an international trade hub with huge resources, the work force, which are the pillars of any company earn good perks. The highest paying jobs, according to the latest survey, come from the field of engineering, business and law.

The article will help individuals who intend to work in Netherlands or university students who want to make informed decisions about their future in regards to their career…and here are the highest paying careers in the Netherlands.

Financial Analysts

Financial Analysts are professionals who work in the stock market, investment banks, insurance companies and government institutions.

A new graduate of Chartered Financial Analyst profession earns €5,000-€6,000 per month while an experienced financial analyst earns up to €12,000 per month.

To qualify as a financial analyst, you have to pursue a business related degree and CFA or ACCA.It takes a serious student three years to complete CFA professional certification.

Software engineering

Software engineering is another degree course taking the world by storm. If an individual is extremely good in computer programming and software development, a salary of €10,000 is guaranteed. But be reminded that this course is only ideal for people who are talented in programming

Business Analyst

A business analyst performs the role of predicting trends based on previous performance. He is also influential in determining risks and threats to the business.

His report is highly crucial to any company, which is the reason he is well renumerated.

A business analyst with a degree in business related course and professional certification earns €7,500-10,000 per month.

Construction Manager/Architecture

Construction manager /Architecture plays a significant role in determining house designs as well as overseeing construction on various sites.

The salary of an experienced architecture-usually with above 3 years professional experience-is €6,500-9,000 per month.

But those with at least 10 years experience earn up to €15,000 per month.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Chief Executive Officers are the senior most people in any organization. And since they are tasked with running the affairs of the companies and also making strategic decisions, their salaries are commensurate with the responsibilities.

Currently the average monthly salary of a CEO in the Netherlands is €15,000

Recruiting Officer

Recruiting officer is an individual who works for companies to determine the human capital as well as set up human resource and recruitment agenda for the company. In the Netherlands, this person is very senior at any organization you visit.

The average monthly salary of a recruiting officer in the Netherlands is €7,500

Public Relations Manager

The work of a public relations manager is to ensure the company’s image is maintained out there.

PR manager is a senior person, whose perks are determined by the role they play.In the Netherlands, the average monthly salary of a PR manager is €7,100.

Electrical engineer

If you are fortunate to secure employment at a profitable organization, you will end up earning not less than €6,000 per month.


Aviation industry pays very well in the Netherlands. So many people are not aware that some pilots earn more than CEOs.

An experienced pilot, the level of a captain, earns a monthly salary of €8,000






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