Highest paying Careers and jobs in Philippines


There are careers and jobs that pay better than others in the Philippines. Most of the highest paying careers are found in engineering, medical field and aviation industry.

Based on employee review, the following are the highest paying careers in Philippines

Software Engineer

A Software engineer working at leading IT firms earn at least PHP 90, 000, and additional bonuses and allowances.

There are several other individuals who earn above the average salary, and are mostly found in multinationals.

To be a software engineer in Philippines, you have to be gifted, I mean very good in programming.

Quality Control

Quality control personnel usually work in industries, where they are tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that what is manufactured meets the required standards.

In Philippines, a quality control specialist earns P 70,000 per month, which is among the best salaries across industries.

Customer service jobs also fall into this category.


To be a lawyer in Philippines is a wonderful opportunity to grow your bank account. The average salary of a lawyer in Philippines is P68, 000 per month. This salary, however, becomes less when an individual decides to start a law firm.

But for you to become a well paid lawyer, you have to practice for at least 3 years so as to build your CV and networks.

Air Traffic Controller

This is a job occupied by a very small group of Philippines. Many people overlook these professionals, but the fact is they earn very good salaries. According to statistics, Air Traffic controller in Philippines earns an average salary of P40, 000 per month.

Air Traffic controllers in Philippines are professionals who posses university education in aviation related courses.

Financial Analysts

Financial Analysts work in the stock market, investment firms and major government institutions. Those who have pursued a degree in business related courses and Chartered Financial Analyst earn at least P 35,000 per month.

Travel and Tourism jobs

Travel and tourism jobs are well paying in Philippines. There is a lot of competition for few vacancies but once you secure one, chances of earning above P 30,000 per month are high.


Doctors could not be left out of this list. It is estimated that the average salary of experienced doctors in Philippines is P37, 000.Those who are lucky to be surgeons earn at least P50,000.

To be a doctor, you have to pursue a degree in medicine and surgery and also intern at a popular hospital.

Telecommunication Engineer

This is another person who earns modest salary. If you pursued electrical and electronics engineering and you are still being paid less than P30, 000, then you are underpaid.

Latest survey shows that telecommunication engineer earns an average salary of P35, 000 per month.


Managers of top organizations in Philippines are among the highest paid employees. To be a manager means you have to supervise and oversee operations at your organization. In order to command respect, you have to be paid well. That is why the average salary of a manager in any organization is estimated to be above P31, 000 per month.


Though pilots are countable in Philippines, those who are fortunate enough to secure this job are a happy lot. A captain earns more than P60,000 while a junior pilot must pocket at least p40,000 per month.


Actuaries and statisticians are categorized together because their work is so much related. Statisticians who mostly work in research firms and audit companies earn a monthly salary of between P27,000-P35,000 while actuaries, who go through hell during their coursework earn at least P40,000 per month.

Actuaries mostly work in actuarial firms, insurance companies and investment banks.

Civil engineers

Civil engineers who mostly work in construction sites earn average monthly salary of P36, 000.The highest being chief engineer, who pocket upwards of P80, 000.

NGO jobs

If you are lucky to work for an NGO in Philippines,then you’ll be among the highest paid employees in the country.Though salaries vary from one organization to the other,several employees earn upwards of P30,000






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