Highest paying Careers in Bangladesh


There are people who earn peanuts and those who collect money in sacks. That’s what happens in Bangladesh when it comes to comparison between the highest and lowest paying careers. We will not dwell on the lowest paying careers in this country, let’s take you through the jobs you should day in day out strive to secure.

Financial Analysts

As a financial Analyst, your work will be to analyze and predict trends, perform financial modeling and make recommendations to the management for action.

This jobs is very crucial for any organization, as it helps to set targets, outperform competitors and perform risk management. That’s the main reason a Financial Analyst in Bangladesh earns at least 100,000 BDT

If you pursue Chartered Financial Analyst course, then you are in.

Forex Trader

Forex Trader is another professional that earns very good perks.In Bangladesh, the average salary of an experienced trader is 95,000 BDT,but there are some traders who earn at least 100,000BDT per month.

Social Media Marketer

Social media has grown tremendously, and every company wants to market their products on the platforms. If you are a social media enthusiast, opportunities are numerous for you.

In Bangladesh, interestingly,a social media marketer earns even more than a teacher.

According to latest survey, a social media marketer earns 65,000BDT per month,but you can earn even more if you market more.

Mobile Developer/Web designer/Software engineer

Those who pursued software engineering or IT and are good in programming, here is a goldmine. In Bangladesh, this people earn upwards of 95,000 BDT per month.

There are very few professionals with relevant qualifications,and the few that do the job are highly paid.


If you a possess a degree in business related courses,then prepare to earn hefty perks.It’s been proved that accountants and bookkeepers are among the highest paid professionals in Bangladesh.More than 50 % of companies in Bangladesh pay accountants at least 50,000BDT.At senior level,senior accountants earn more than 100,000 BDT


Statisticians and actuaries also earn very good salaries. Financial and government institutions reward these professionals heavily. This is motivated by the fact that actuaries perform crucial roles that help in risk reduction and important surveys.

Actuaries who possess professional qualifications earn average salary of 120,000 BDT per month while statisticians pocket at least 60,000 BDT per month.

Electrical /Civil engineers

Electrical and civil engineers who are lucky to work for multinationals and local profitable companies are a happy lot.The salaries of these professionals are fixed depending on the specific companies they are working for and the amount of experience they possess.

For insance, one has accumulated work experience of 3 years,the average salary is 70,000 BDT


Blogging is an emerging career, but for you to succeed in this lucrative venture,you have to be extremely gifted in writing viral stories. If that happens, then you will earn upwards of 100,000 BDT per month.

Medical profession

Medical career is very rewarding, but also depends on the level of specialization. If you specialize in surgery, then you are likely to earn more than nurses.

Medical doctors earn at least 55,000 BDT per month, with a number earning over 100,000 BTD per month.

Private sector pays more than the public sector.






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