Highest paying careers in Namibia


To be among the best paid individuals in Namibia is the best thing to happen to any graduate, but you have to pursue certain degree courses to earn good perks. Based on salary survey recently conducted in Namibia, here are the best paying jobs in the country.

Pilot/Aviation Manager

Piloting is a very rewarding career in Namibia. The career, which requires a professional to study aviation related courses and undergo rigorous training, pays at least 40,000NAD per month.

If you rise to the level of a captain, you will go home with at least 90,000NAD per month.


Actuarial Science is another well-paying career in Namibia though very individuals consider pursuing the course.

It is estimated that the average salary of an actuary in Namibia is 45,000NAD per month.

For you to earn more than 30,000 NAD, you have to pursue actuarial professional certificate and accumulate some professional experience.

Oil and gas engineer/Petroleum Engineer

If you are lucky to work for popular oil companies here in Namibia as a petroleum engineers, your starting gross salary must be upwards of 35,000NAD.But the average salary of experienced oil engineers is 45,000NAD per month.

Business Analyst/Financial Analyst

Financial analysts are the highest paid business professionals in Namibia. These professionals, who possess undergraduate degree in business related course and CFA, earn more than 40,000 NAD per month.

Financial analysts work for audit firms, stock market, insurance companies and banks.

Medical Doctor/Pharmacist

To successfully become a medical doctor in Namibia, you have to burn mid night oil in college, complete the entire course in 6 years. Thereafter, you join the highly paying profession in Namibia.

Surgeons earn the highest salary with more than half pocketing at least 50,000 NAD per month. Pharmacists also earn good salaries but lower than surgeons.

Software engineer/IT security expert

Software engineers, individuals who work for IT companies here in Namibia, are a happy lot. Those heavily talented in computer programming and software development are taking home a huge piece of organizations’ cash. We have realized the average salary of a software engineer is 60,000NAD.

Electrical Engineers

Electrical engineers earn at least 25,000NAD per month but the salary does not come that easy since the career requires some professional experience amounting to at least 3 years.

Civil Engineers

Civil Engineers could not be left behind.

If you successfully complete the course, earning at least 40,000 NAD is highly possible.

Civil engineers work for construction companies, real estate firms and the government.

Construction supervisor

Construction supervisors are highly respected. These people perform crucial roles in construction sites.

If you possess a degree in real estate and employed as a construction supervisor, you will go home with at least 40,000NAD per month.


Though it takes a lawyer in Namibia at least 5 years to gain fame, the profession is highly paying. The degree program, which is a darling of many Namibians is well paying for talented lawyers.







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