Highest Paying Jobs in United Arabs Emirates(UAE)


Many people travel to United Arabs Emirates to seek employment. The immigrants are drawn from Africa, India, Europe and South America in search for best paying jobs in United Arabs Emirates.

It is understood that UAE is one of the best countries in the world in terms of career opportunities and renumeration.These are the reasons why everyone is striving to get a piece of any job available in the United Arabs Emirates.

If you intend to work at the United Arab Emirates, here are the best paying jobs

Oil, gas and petrochemicals

Anyone working in this sector here is overpaid.

Since UAE is among the leading oil producing countries in the world, the human resources working in this sector are retained by being paid more than any other employer across all sectors.

Banking & Finance

Banking and finance is arguably the second most attractive sector to be attached to in UAE.Employees in this sector are well renumerated. It doesn’t matter the rank you occupy here as long as you are among the employees in the banking and finance sector.

Airline pilots

Aviation industry pays very well world over. Despite being one of the most involving professions, Airline Pilots are paid very well in UAE.In a good month; a pilot earns a whooping salary of Dh50, 240.

Pursuing a course in Piloting will definitely earn you a place to an industry that is well respected in UAE.

Real estate agents selling high-end homes

Real Estate is a booming business in the EAE.

The annual study has revealed that the average base salary of regional real estate professionals across all disciplines is Dh46, 293 per month.


Lawyers are also well renumerated here.

A newly qualified lawyer can make between Dh30, 000 and Dh50, 000 per month


Doctors are also other professional who cannot go hungry in UAE.

This is a country that values health, that’s the reason why their health professionals carry home loads of money so as to provide quality services.