Houses to rent in Ngong Nairobi: Bedsitter, single room, one bedroom and two bedrooms


Ngong is located just after Karen and is one of the best estates to live in Nairobi.

The town accommodates over 10,000 people, where majority work in nearby offices. It is rare to see people complaining of rental prices and living condition because of what I will explain below.

Cost of living

Food is very cheap in Ngong because of the many people who practice farming in the area. There is also food which comes from Kiserian and Rongai which is extremely cheap.

There are also several shops, including supermarkets in Ngong and Karen Shopping Center.

Transport to Nairobi city centre

During normal rush hours, matatus charge Ksh70-Ksh100 from Ngong to town but during normal hours the fare reduces to Ksh40-Ksh60

It takes about 20 minutes from Ngong to town when there is not traffic jam but when the jam is chaotic, you will have to stay on Ngong road for about 2 hours.

Renta prices of houses

Unlike other estates in Nairobi, gong has very good houses with enough playing grounds for children.

A single room costs Ksh 3,500-Ksh5, 000 per month

A bedsitter costs Ksh4, 500-Ksh 6,000

Rent for one bedroom is Ksh6, 000-Ksh12, 000

A two bedrooms house goes for Ksh 12,000-Ksh17, 000

Who should live in Ngong

The town is good for every one regardless of social status.However; people who earn small salaries find themselves very comfortable here because the houses are extremely cheap in terms of rental prices. There are also several rich people living here, there are houses for them too.






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