Houses to Rent in South C Nairobi:Single room, Bedsitter, One Bedroom, Two Bedroom,three bedroom



South C is located along Mombasa Road, some metres from Nyayo National stadium. It’s one of the few estates where you can get the comfort anyone gets at posh estates like Muthaiga.

Cost of Living

South C is not expensive estate in terms of accessing basic necessities like food. There are several groceries within the estate as well as Uchumi Capital Centre along Mombasa Road, Nakumatt Mega and T mall where you can shop when need be.


Single rooms are few in South C.In fact, if you get one then you are lucky. The few available single rooms are rented out at Ksh 7,500-Ksh10, 000.

The rent for a bedsitter is Ksh13, 000-Ksh 17,000 while one bedroom goes for Ksh 20,000-Ksh35, 000.

The rent for a two bedroom house is Ksh35, 000-Ksh55, 000

A three bedroom house goes for Ksh45, 000-Ksh70, 000 per month

Transport to town

Most people in South C have their own cars but if you don’t have one, you will be required to pay bus fare of Ksh 30-Ksh 50 from South C to town Centre, whether it’s peak hours or off peak hours.

Those with personal cars usually wake up at 5.30 am so that by 7 am they are on the road. This is to avoid the heavy traffic jam which starts building up at 7.


South C is among the most secure estates in Nairobi: rarely will you hear cases involving insecurity and lawlessness.

Those who should live in South C

If you are earning between Ksh 70,000-Ksh 100,000 a bedsitter is good for you. The most ideal people to live there are those who own businesses that earn them Sh 150,000 and above or those people who earn more than Ksh 150,000 per month.






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