How I Became a Millionaire After Starting a Salon Out of Desperation


When I try to remember where I started, I just smile and say: “Thank You God”. It was exactly six years when I started a salon simply out of desperation, I am still counting years and this business is my life.

It all started when my aunt called me to Nairobi after I graduated with a Degree in Economics. I thought my life could become better since I was a graduate.

My aunt was a senior government official and I was as sure as hell that she could make my life easier by telling her friends to employ me-I even told my friends in college that I have big people who can give me a job of my choice. Little did I know that relatives can betray you.

One month into joining my aunt in town,I started becoming impatient. I had given her over 20 copies of my certificates but didn’t see anything forthcoming. What she managed to do, however, was to make me her house girl.I stayed there for 6 good years, putting all hopes in her but I gave up in life after realizing that she was just using me.Imagine my work was to wake up daily, prepare her kids to school, do all the chores in the house and relax after work-it became monotonous.

I almost died of depression when I noticed that most of my friends had gotten nice jobs while my aunt was just there, not bothered at all.

On morning I decided to start small business, any business, but I remembered I had a talent braiding women hair. That’s where the idea of passing through my neighbor’s houses to check whether any of them wanted my services. To my surprise, many of those I visited accepted my request, and that’s where I started developing customers.

Two months after starting the business, I decided to hire a room where I could do the work, and that’s when my salon was born.

It is now six year since I started my salon. I laugh at myself when I look at my certificates. I even regret going to study in college.

To be honest I make up to Sh 20,000 per day, more than what a Senior government official earns.

I am now worth Sh 6 million and I thank God for the blessings.






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