How I became a millionaire through chicken farming


It never crossed my mind that I could eat with kings until I found myself having more than enough in my bank account. It all started when I didn’t score a grade that could take me to college. My mother was so furious with me to an extent of almost chasing me from our home; it took my elder brother one full week to convince her it’s not the end of life for me.

The first few months were tough for me.All the excitement I had about life after school had unceremoniously disappeared, my mother who used to treat me with love lost hope in me.Every morning I could wake up, go to a nearby shopping centre and start counting vehicles as I chat with my fellow ‘losers’.

I reached a moment when I got so tired of exposing myself, especially when my high school friends were admitted to prestigious universities. My mother changed a lot; she was not bothered to even cook for me as she used to do. When we meet in the house, she could look at me as a destitute, not even asking me about the going.

In 2009, my grandmother visited us from the village. I was the only one who was in the compound when she arrived. Luckily, she had two chickens. I immediately took them to the deserted room next to my house. When my mother arrived, she never bothered to ask what my grandmother was carrying-I actually told my grandmother not to tell her about the chickens.

I immediately started taking care of the chickens; every morning I could wake up, give them food and release them to roam around the compound until evening. Two months down the line, the chickens started laying eggs. In the sixth month, one of them had 15 chicks and the other had started laying eggs.

In June 2010, I had a total of 30 chickens in our compound. In fact I was happy that I could not go out anymore to waste time with friends. I decided to take care of the chicken full time instead of wasting time at the market. Within no time, they overwhelmed me; I decided to build a house for them.

My life changed in 2011 when I realized I could not eat chicken or eggs. I decided to sell the eggs to make some cash. Surprisingly; I had over 100 chickens by then. Every day I could collect 70-100 eggs and take them to the market. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I started collecting Sh 500 every day, which gave me more energy to even work harder.

By 2014, I had become the main supplier of eggs in my village; I could get orders even beyond the village, schools, hotels and bakeries. Life changed for the better, which even made my mother to apologize to me.By this time I was making sh5, 000 in a day.

I thank God I failed exams, I couldn’t have made it in life. I also thank my grandmother for changing my life through the two chickens. I will forever thank God, today I am worth over Sh 1 million.






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