How I Became Rich Through Investing in Insurance Money Market and Treasury Bills


My name is Evans and I am 29 years old.I want you to share my story so that those who intend to invest in stocks, treasury bills and money market can get the required information to make sound decisions.

Before I started investing my money in CIC insurance, I used to save in a fixed deposit account, in a bank where I used to earn slightly less than 8 % of what I saved in my account. I didn’t know there are attractive products offered by insurance companies.

One day, as we were taking breakfast in our office, a smartly dressed lady appeared. I didn’t know she had requested to meet us. Shortly, our HR Director told us to gather in the boardroom.

The 20 minutes education I received from the lady changed my mind completely. I followed her all the way to their headquarters in Reinsurance Plaza Nairobi and filled all the forms where I decided to save what was available in my account.

To cut the story short, after one year I had saved Sh 500, 000, and to my surprise I received Sh 82,000 as interest on my savings. Imagine the amount was three times what I was getting from the bank.

Two years down the line I had Sh 1.7 million in my CIC account and that time I was getting interest in the tune of Sh 210,000 and above.

The Sh 210,000 interest I got I bought land in Kamulu,which was going for Sh 200,000.After one year, the land shot up in price and I sold it at Sh 500,000.

As I was writing this, my account had Sh 2.5 million and every year I receive over Sh 300,000 from the money market account. I am also engaged in buying and selling land in various parts of Nairobi.

One thing I like about money market is that my principal amount is intact as I earn interest from treasury bills and money market. I thank God the lady opened my mind.






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