How I Earned $1000 from Google AdSense in a Day

How I Earned $1000 from Google AdSense in a Day

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Today I want to reveal how I earned $1000 from Google AdSense per day.

I own one of the most popular blogs in India and in a day the blog receives 50,000 to 100,000 page views.

My main problem at first was to get into Google AdSense but when I was accepted, I found another challenge-how to increase my earnings from $50 to $1000 per day. My journey wasn’t smooth as I tried everything to ensure I became one of the most successful bloggers in India. Though I tried every trick I learnt from other established bloggers, I couldn’t manage to achieve my dream earlier as I anticipated. One of the mistakes I was making was to specialize in a less lucrative niche. Initially, I was writing about politics and entertainment topics but I later changed to writing about loans, mortgages and insurance.

After I changed my niche and style of writing ,results started showing out and my AdSense earnings shot up to at least $80 per day. I realized I could make more from this and I therefore embarked on increasing my traffic and SEO ranking.The second thing I did was to sign up for SEMRUSH SEO tool (link).After I signed up for this tool,my blog was able to increase in traffic rankings-from receiving 20,000 visits per day to over 40,000 visits.Though I was paying $99 per month for the SEO tool, I started getting additional $200 to $400 per month from AdSense.

Within a month of subscribing to SEMRUSH, my blog became viral, simply because almost every article I wrote ranked first in search engines.

It took me three months to realize a significant change in my earnings; initially I would close at $80-$150 per day but after I took the two steps I have mentioned above,I started earning over $200 per day.

The next step I took was to change my Theme.I was using a free WordPress them but after I realized Ad placement was an issue, I decided to use Newspaper Theme which I bought from WPion(here is the link to the website)

After changed my free theme to Newspaper Theme, my earnings tripled .The following morning, I couldn’t believe my eyes after I realized I had made over $ 400 from AdSense with 40,000 page views.This alone motivated me to work extra hard.

I can say it has taken me over 7 months to achieve my dreams but I thank God I discovered the best way to increase AdSense income .I am now earning between $800 to $1000 per day .