How I was approved for Google AdSense  Account with a Three Weeks Old Domain


Ad Sense is one of the best ways of earning extra coin especially when you income is not sufficient enough. Many bloggers have made several attempts in trying to acquire new accounts but have failed.

There are several mistakes they make, which end up costing them. Being one of the few people who regularly visit Google Ad Sense forum, I was fully aware what was needed before I could satisfy reviewers. Below is what I did to get this Ad Sense you are seeing on this blog.

Google Ad Sense Policies

I made sure I read and understood Ad Sense policies before I applied for the account.

Top Level Domain

I ensured I have a top level domain because that’s the first requirement for Google Ad Sense.

I avoided topics that could land me in trouble

There are some niches which are no longer required by Ad Sense. For you to pass second review you must be having huge traffic, I mean daily page view of up to 100,000.

Below are the niches which are not approved anymore by Ad Sense, if they are approved then they must have very unique content.

  1. Technology
  2. Blogging
  3. Entertainment
  4. Jobs
  5. Health-unless you are an expert, chances of getting approval are very slim
  6. Education, Schools and Universities
  7. Make money online
  8. Insurance and Bank products

It is very hard to get Ad Sense account with any of the niches listed above.

You can easily be approved during the second review if your niche touches on business and finance or even parenting. Many bloggers avoid parenting niche because it generates low traffic.

I made sure all my posts had more than 400 words

This is the most important thing when it comes to Google Ad Sense reviewing process. If each of your posts contain below 300 words, you will never succeed in getting Ad Sense account.

Almost all the images I used on my blog were not sourced from the internet

Google does not like people who steal other people’s images. If they notice that some of the images you are using are copyrighted, you will not get the Ad Sense account, you’ll always get a message indicating, ‘insufficient content’

Insufficient content simply means Google is not interested in working with you. It can also mean that your blog is not suitable for Ad Sense.

Unique posts

I am a statistician, so every post I was writing was based on my experience in the field of research. I was not simply motivated by popular site.

One of the greatest mistakes people make is to read what other people have written, copy the content and modify it a bit and later pretend that it’s theirs. If you are doing this for Ad Sense, I am sorry you won’t succeed; Google is very smart, you will simply see this reply whenever you apply for second review, ‘auto generated pages’

Update regularly

I used to do at least two posts per day and in two weeks I had over 100 posts on my blog. Please don’t apply for Ad Sense when you don’t have at least 50 posts. Previously they used to accept even 5 posts but nowadays they are strict.


Though I am currently pursuing a PhD in Statistics, I tend to use a language that everyone can understand .One of the reasons why some bloggers don’t go far however much they promote their websites is to try proving to their readers that they know ‘big’ words. Remember most of the people who will come to your website are looking for information, make is simple and interesting. Ensure what you write is readable and can make someone read the whole post and even move to the next.


Traffic does not matter when it comes to getting Ad Sense. By the time I got approved during the second review, I was getting 10 page views per day.






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