How I Made $ 1 million from dairy farming within 4 years: Testimony of a dairy farmer


My name is Nelson and I am a dairy farmer. I’d like to give my testimony on how I managed to make $1 million from dairy farming on my land within four years.

I was forced into dairy farming after being sacked by my employer for participating in fraud, something that I didn’t do. It happened that I was a cashier in one of the popular hotels. External auditors were called to audit our company –the exercise happens annually. After the audit, the accounts could not balance-I was shown the door.

Apparently, my boss stole the money but instead used me as a sacrificial lamb.

With a tainted CV and bills to pay. I tried to search for employment but no company was ready to employ me.The only option was to turn to farming.

My father had 5 acres of land that were idle. He was elderly and could not utilize all his land. A thought of planting trees came but I erased it immediately after realizing it would take me at least 5 years to realize revenue from the trees.

Finally I settled on cows. But my only challenge was how to start dairy farming yet I had nothing in my account. I persuaded my father to take a loan from a bank. He accepted and used our title deed as collateral.

After 2 weeks, the loan matured and I got $ 50,000 in my account. I spent $4,000 to buy 30 Friesian cows.

What I realized from the cows is that you need to be there almost 90 % of the time in a day. Initially I thought I could manage alone but with time I employed people to help me.

What surprised me was how fast the cows managed to recover the loan money. Within 2 years I had made a total of $ 2,000.But after the cows multiplied, I managed to make a total of $ 5,000 per day.

I managed to repay my loan within 3 years and made a total of $ 1 million for another 4 years.

I have realized in my life that when you are unfairly sacked by the employer, several opportunities arise. If I am still employed, I would be earning peanuts as I make millions for my employer.






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