How Long Does a Website Take To Recover in Google Ranking After Malware Attack


When a website is attacked my malware, it’s Google ranking drops significantly, and it can take up to 6 months to recover to its original status.

Malware/Virus attack is one of the worst things that can happen to your website.When malware infects your website, Google stops sending traffic into it, forcing readers to move to the next website with similar content. If the malware persists, and without you taking action, your website will finally be dropped from search engines, thus killing your blogging dreams.

When Google notices that malware has been injected into your website,they alert you through Search Console.It is advisable that when you receive the message, you immediately contact a company that has a virus scanner to remove the malware,alternatively,you can remove it yourself manually.But I can assure you removing it manually is tiresome, because hackers normally hide the malware where you won’t detect it.

For you to be safe and avoid dropping further in rankings, make sure you remove the malware within three days of receiving the Google message. If you ignore the message, you’ll discover after two weeks that your website has disappeared from search engines.
Once malware has been removed,you will have to reply to Google informing them of your action.Once they scan and realize you have removed the malware,they will remove the annoying message,”this site may be hacked”.From there,your website will start rising in rank, but moderately.

More than twice, several of my websites were hacked, and to be honest it took them at least 3 months to recover to their previous ranking status. But this was possible after I posted several viral articles.From my experience, I would urge you to post regularly once you have removed themalware,this is the only way your website will improve in rankings.

Lastly,once your have removed the malware,make sure your site is linked to CloudFlare,or it has an Anti Virus from popular websites like SiteGuarding.