How Made Ksh 3 Million In Kenya in A Single Day By Doing This Business


When I dropped out of school in 2013 I didn’t know I could make Ksh 3 million in a single day, now it’s happening. I have witnessing how my business has grown to become an empire, thanks to people who laughed at me when I couldn’t make it in school.

In 2013,I was a student of Mount Kenya University, pursuing Bachelor of Communication and Jurnalism.But my passion for business which I developed while in High School never allowed me concentrate in class. I dropped in second year, to the shock of everyone who knew me.

I did this because I had an MPESA shop in Nairobi Luthuli Avenue.With a shop and few mobile phones, I was able to feed myself, feed my girlfriend and save Ksh 2,000.This life continued for a year  until a friend who was supplying me mobile phones fell ill. I was forced to manage his business for three days, when he recovered. That was the time I realized this business is the real thing.In 3 days I managed to make a cool Ksh 65,000.

After he arrived from hospital, I handed over the work to him and concentrated with my work. But I didn’t inform him about my shock.

Three months later, I enquired where they source the smartphones from.I got all these details from another friend who was employed by an Arab man along Luthuli Avenue. I learnt that I needed Ksh 2 million so as to start the business.

In 2016 I had the money, which I obtained through a loan from Stanbic Bank.I used the loan to buy my first stock.

I actually did this business, alongside my MPESA shop for 3 months until I got my first “big order” from a supermarket. A shock came when they told me to supply them with phones worth Ksh 15 million.

This was my challenge because I didn’t have money.What I approached one of the suppliers,a trusted one and told him about the deal.We agreed he supply the phones through me and we share the profit 50:50.Man,he agreed, and that’s how I made Ksh 3 million in a day.

Conclusion: there is nothing good and sweet like business.