How much does AdSense pay per 1000 views

Many of my friend s have asked me how much AdSense can pay per 1000 views. There are several answers to this question, but first I would like to stress few points.

I have been monetizing my blogs for close to 5 years and managed to make decent income from 1,000 views,10,000 views ,100,000 views and 1 million views. What I noticed is that the more the views the lower the RPM .AdSense income depends on many factors, which include:

  • Geographical location of your traffic (best geographical locations include Europe,USA and Canada)
  • Traffic source (Organic,direct,social)
  • Niche (highest paying niche include real estate,mortgage,loans,education,banking and insurance)
  • AD placement

Since AdSense pays based on the number of clicks,and CPM,with 1000 pageviews and assuming you’re targeting high paying niche,here is what to earn:

USA Traffic

With USA Traffic,you are likely to get 20 to 50 clicks with 1,000 views.In USA,the average cost per click is $0.10-$5.In normal cases, AdSense pays ordinary blogs $0.20 per click,which means with 1000 views,you will earn  approximately $2 .

Africa Traffic

Unless your traffic comes from South Africa, the normal CPC for Africa traffic is 0.05.If your site gets 1000 views per day, you will earn approximately $1 from AdSense.If most of your traffic is from South Africa, you will earn approximately $1.5 from 1000 page views.

Canada Traffic

Canada traffic will pay you up to 0.50 per click.With 1000 views you will earn up to $3.

What to do so as to earn over $3 from AdSense with 1000 views

It’s normally not easy to earn more than $2 with 1000 page views,but there are important things to do in order to increase your income.The first thing is to target high paying keywords.If you want to know those keywords,sign up to SEMrush SEO tool for free(Sign up here).You will also be required to understand how to use long tail keywords.We all understand that coming up with high paying long tail keywords is hard,but if you use LongTail keyword pro,you will have thousands of keyword suggestions(Sign up here for free)

Another important step is to target traffic from USA,Canada,UAE,Australia and Germany.Publish content with keywords targeting those countries.

Finally, make sure your AD placement is optimal. Your AdSense ads should be placed at the header and inside the posts.If you make a mistake to place them at the footer,targeting will be poor.Advertisers are not fond of targeting footer adverts.