How Much Does Daily Post Make Per Month from AdSense

Daily Post is one of the most popular blogs in Kenya. Each month, Google AdSense sends the blogger behind the site Ksh 250,000 to Ksh370, 000.The blog is currently ranked 60 in the country and 38,000 globally, which means it gets 25,000 to 50,000 visitors per day.

Daily Post is owned by Obare Rioba and it used to dominate before other sites came into existence.Initially,the man could earn up to Ksh600,000 per month, especially in 2013 but his income has since dropped.

Daily post makes 95% of its income from AdSense and in the recent past, the blog has included 1XBET as one of its sources of income.

Each day, Daily Post makes Ksh 4,000 to Ksh 8,000 but when political hype is high,the owner makes up to Ksh15,000 per day.

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