How Much Money does Ghafla Make Per Month

Ghafla is the leading entertainment site in Kenya.The site makes money through AdSense,MGID, Sponsored content and stand-alone adverts.Over the past one month,the blog’s traffic has spiked due to its expansion to countries like Uganda,South Africa and Nigeria.

Ghafla receives 17 million page views per month and is currently ranked 6,000 globally and 14th in Kenya. Due to its massive growth, the company has employed over 10 editors to generate content.

Sources within the company reveal that Ghafla makes Ksh 2.5 million per month but it’s net income after paying employees, hosting, rent and other expenses totals Ksh700,000-which means the owner pockets Ksh 700,000 monthly.

Ghafla ranks 5 among best blogs in Kenya in terms of income and traffic numbers.It’dwarfed by Ghafla, standard, Tuko,Star and Nation.

The highest amount of money earned by blogger comes from direct adverts.Ghafla charges Ksh 200,000 to Ksh350,000 per single advert and Ksh 7,000-Ksh15,000 per single sponsored post.In a month,the company gets at least 10 adverts from major companies and 20 sponsored content.