How Much Money does Tuko Kenya Make Per Month

Tuko Kenya is so far the most popular blog in Kenya,it currently ranks the third most popular in the country and 1,500 globally.The amount of money it makes per month is what other bloggers would want to know.

In 2016,the blog achieved highest rank,1,111 globally.That time,it was receiving 3 million visitors in a day,but the traffic numbers dwindled to 1.5 million per day.With this amount of traffic, the company is able to generate Ksh 4 million to Ksh 7 million per month.

The sources of Tuko income include sponsored content, stand-alone adverts, AdSense banners and Taboola.Each month,Tuko runs at least 20 adverts where each one of them pays Ksh300,000 to Ksh450,000. In Total,Tuko earns Ksh2 million to Ksh4 million from stand-alone adverts.The blog also makes Ksh 200,000 to Ksh400,000 monthly from sponsored content, and Ksh500,000 to Ksh800,000 from AdSense.When you sum up the amount and do an average, you will narrow down the income to Ksh 4.5 million per month.

The bad thing about this company is that it spends over Ksh1 million on advertisements .Among the companies which boost its traffic include Google, Opera Mini and a couple of other sources.Tuko also pays Ksh100,000 monthly in rent and Ksh 300,000 each month on hosting.

As at 2018,Tuko is the highest paying blog;each editor earns Ksh50,000 to Ksh150,000 per month. In total, the company spends Ksh 2 million in salaries and other benefits.

When you calculate expenses and income, you will find that Tuko makes a net profit of Ksh800,000 to Ksh1.2 million per month.