How Much Traffic Do You Need to Make $10,000 from AdSense

Many bloggers are always eager to know the amount of traffic they need to make $10,000 from AdSense. Well, there are over 10 factors that determine how much you make from AdSense.

While it’s easy to make at least $10,000 per month, it’s not the case for most bloggers because of traffic numbers.Summarily,you need 10 million monthly visits to make $10,000 from AdSense.But there’s a way you can earn $10,000 with as little as 1 million monthly visitors.

As you all are aware, AdSense income depends on a niche, cost per click,Ad placement, traffic numbers and geographical location a publisher gets most of traffic from. Assuming a publisher receives all the traffic from USA and has a niche that whose CPC is $0.20, this is the number of visitors they need to make $10,000

With $0.20CPC,you will get 100 clicks for 10,000 visitors. This means with 10,000 page views, you will make $20.With 100,000 views you will make $200 and with 1000,000 views you will make $2000.For you to make $10,000you need 5,000,000 views.

Since CPC for AdSense keeps reducing, the average CPC as at 2018 for U.S traffic is $0.10.This means someone has to generate 10 million visits in order to make $10,000 from AdSense.

If you’re a blogger from Africa, the average CPC is $0.05, meaning that you require at least 20 million visits to make $10,000 from AdSense.

One thing you should note is that we are talking about organic and direct traffic rate in this case.For those bloggers that receive much of their traffic from Facebook,it will be hard to clock $10,000 in revenues. Facebook traffic has poor conversion rate.

There are, however, few bloggers who make $10,000 with as little as 1 million visits. What they do is, develop content revolving around high paying keywords. There are some keywords that pay up to $1000 per click.If you manage to generate high quality posts and get sizeable visits, you’ll make decent income with less than 1 million page views.

According to recent research, here are the best paying niches in the blogosphere:

  1. Web hosting
  2. Banking
  3. Mortgage
  4. Insurance
  5. Donations
  6. Rehab
  7. Bitcoin
  8. Betting
  9. Loans
  10. Software

For you to identify the best paying keywords, you can use LongTail Pro,which is the best SEO tool for identifying the cost of keywords. You can also use SEMrush to see how your keywords rank.

Remember getting organic traffic will greatly improve your income. To get more organic traffic, you have to spend on SEMrush and LongTail Pro.And with the changes in Facebook Algorithm, you don’t have any option but to focus on keywords.