How To Apply For Check-Off Loans At Family Bank Kenya


Family Bank offer check off loans for individuals who are interested in taking loans with their bank. The following are terms for application of the loan.


Monthly loan repayment with duration of up to 72 months

Insurance cover against death and permanent disability

No hidden charges, age limit is 52 years.

The check-off arrangements are agreed with the various institutions by the Head Office and branches are advised appropriately.

An MOU has to be in place before the relationship can commence.

Top-ups available upon request

Loan buy-offs are available

Attractive loan amounts of up to 3 Million


Competitive interest rates charged

Fast and efficient loan processing and disbursement

Your salary is the security

No late payment fees

An easy and fast source of funds for account holders and non account holders for personal development, capital investment.


Check-off Loan Application forms duly completed in triplicate.

Applicant’s certified original latest 3 months pay slips.

Applicant’s 3 certified true copy of new generation ID card and 2 recent passport size colour photographs.

A certified copy of the applicant’s PIN certificate

Applicant’s certified original bank statements reflecting salary received in the last 3 months.

Applicant’s names should be similar in all documents. Otherwise obtain written confirmation from the employer that the names refer to the same person






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