How to get a job immediately after graduating in Kenya

You are in in college, almost completing your studies but you are not sure how your life will turn after college.

Perhaps you see some of your seniors struggling to get employment and you wonder what your case will be.

As you keep on wondering, remember you are your own driver, ensure that you prepare yourself psychologically and professionally before you graduate.

It’s sad that many Kenyan graduates are not well prepared by their lecturers concerning the level of employment in the country and how hard it is to secure even internship. The moment they step out of college, many end up being depressed and eventually lose hope simply because they lack vital information.

The fact is that currently, the level of unemployment in Kenya is worrying and if the government does not do something, soon a degree will be useless. Graduates are suffering due to lack of jobs.

However, as much as the situation looks gloomy, there are graduates who secure jobs immediately after graduation. Many will ask me what secret they use, I will reveal it below.

If you want to avoid being jobless after college, implement the following ideas.

1. Ensure you pursue a professional course while in college
There are several professional courses offered by different bodies. Immediately you join college, ensure you pursue a professional course which will add you mark during future interviews and career.

If you are pursuing Economics and business courses and you don’t plan to do either CPA, CIFA or ACCA then you are planning to be jobless for a number of years.

2. Attend career coaching training while you are in college
Career coaching is very important to step for fresh graduates as well as college students because they are trained on how to handle interviews as well as get informed job hunting techniques.

3. Get in touch with friends and course mates
These people may look insignificant when you are in school but you later realize that they are important and more connected after college.

Friends do help, they have helped many. Ensure that you always communicate with them and make it clear that you are looking for a job, they might help you.

4. Don’t always rely on jobs being advertised on newspapers.
One problem with fresh graduate rely on newspapers to find jobs, you will wait until the end of the world. There are many blogs which advertise jobs that you won’t see on papers.






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