How to be successful in life even if you failed in school


Failing examination is a painful thing especially for individuals who work hard in class to make it in life. Many students end up losing hope after realizing that their academic journey has been cut short by examination results.

A number of people  even contemplate committing suicide after realizing that nothing can change the fact that they are academic dwarfs. Some of the worst decisions come as a result of poor advice from the teachers-they don’t tell their students that failing examinations is not the end of life.

I have seen many cases, even my relatives, failing flat in class but end up being the pillars in the community due to their entrepreneurial skills. Some even end up employing university graduates, even professors. Example is Bill Gates who dropped out of schools but ended up starting Microsoft, the giant technology firm which changed the world.

If you have failed your exams, what exactly are you expected to do to compete with the academic geniuses? This article aims at giving you hope and ideas that will help you be as much competitive as possible.
In order to be successful, you should do this:

1. Start a small business
There are several business you can start with small capital. Since you failed to progress with your studies, you have no option but to start a venture which you are sure you will manage. You won’t lose anything by being a business person.

Business has always provided refuge for people who fail to satisfy the board of examiners.Moreover,it has not disappointed as it gives them opportunity to be innovative and also realize their talents.

2. Look for a college that trains technical skills
There are several colleges that offer technical skills like training in Electrical installation, tailoring and mechanical engineering. The training will enable you start a company that deals directly with your what you trained in the technical college.

3. Start farming business
I thank God that in order to be a farmer, you don’t require university education. Farming is the best alternative to education, and it can be the best source of wealth. It doesn’t matter which country you do farming because every country needs farmers to sustain the society through food security.
Join politics

Most countries don’t have a law that prevents people without university education from joining politics and contesting for a political seat. I know there are people who have leadership qualities but they are not blessed as far as education is concerned. Join a party make the noise politicians make, you will be surprised how life will change one day.

4. Identify your talent and exploit it.
Talent pays, it’s debatable fact. If you know you are good in athletics, football, comedy or any other talent, don’t lose hope, continue practicing and one day God will see you through. I have seen several athletes from countries like

Kenya who cannot express themselves but they have made it in life through their talents. Several footballers in the leading leagues never went to school but they are multi-millionaires.






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