How To Become Marketable with a Bachelor of Commerce (BCOM) Degree


Marketability of Bachelor of commerce varies across countries. The demand for business graduates in Europe, U.S.A, Australia and Canada is higher than in Africa and India. This is because of many job opportunities created by the governments and multinationals in developed countries.

Bachelor of Commerce can be a good course for individual who studied it, or a curse to a graduate with high expectations. It all depends on how prepared you are to face the competitive job market.

Sometimes I find jobless graduates, especially from India, Kenya and Nigeria with wonderful college certificates but unable to find any job that can keep them going. These graduates are blind of one thing; that we are living in a highly competitive world where few opportunities go to the most qualified individuals. The research I have conducted over the years indicates that employers nowadays are looking for, not just a basic degree in a business course, but a professional qualification relevant in your area of specialization.

With just a basic degree in Commerce many employers will ignore you, unless you join an institution as an Intern or a graduate trainee. But if you are serious you want to take the market by storm, you must enroll for a professional course in business. There are several professional courses you can study and become very successful even without work experience.

Chartered Financial Analyst, the most respected professional course, is one course you will study and once you pass Level 1 employers will come knocking. As a CFA holder, you will not only earn six figure salary but you will also rise in your career ladder faster than anyone in your circle.

Once you have a CFA qualification, you will kiss unemployment bye.

Another wonderful course you should enroll for is ACCA.This one is suitable for accounting and Audit professionals. You will spend less than $2000 but boost your profile significantly.

Once employers realize you possess ACCA qualification, they will automatically prefer you to other candidates.

You can also enroll for MBA degree. But be careful which institution you study the course.

If you are from developing countries, you better study in Australia, Canada, U.S.A, UK or South Africa. These are the countries that top employers in Africa draw their human resources from.

Other professional courses popular for business graduates include CPA, Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) Certification and Certified Government Auditing Professional (CGAP)