How to Earn $100 per Day from AdSense

While I admit that most bloggers earn less than $100 per day from AdSense, there are numerous steps they can make to improve their income. In this age and time, all of us aspire to create wealth online, but good money doesn’t come easily—we have to work extra hard, employ strategies and invest heavily on SEO.For you to earn $100 per day, you need good amount of traffic—at least 100,000 page views. But where can you get the traffic from? Here are practical ways to reach the target.

High paying niche

When it comes to AdSense, every niche pays differently. A niche like entertainment has many publishers and traffic, which prompts advertisers to bid less.Morgage, has few publishers and low traffic. Due to this, advertisers bid more. That’s where you’ll find a blogger running an entertainment site that receives 100,000 visitors per day making amount the same as another blogger running a blog with mortgage and loans content that receive 10,000 readers per day.

As a blogger, you need to focus on high paying niche, and here is a list of those niches.

  • Real Estate
  • Loans
  • Mortgages
  • Donation
  • Guns
  • Law
  • Health
  • Education
  • Web Hosting
  • Banking
  • Insurance

Low paying niches include:

  • News
  • Entertainment
  • Fashion
  • Sex and relationships
  • Dating
  • Jobs

Focus on keywords

Without focusing on keywords, there’s little you can do in terms of traffic numbers. Earning $100 per day means you must have massive traffic numbers. The only thing that can boost your numbers is keywords.More importantly,focus on long tail keywords.

Until 2017, most bloggers heavily relied on social media traffic, but as 2018 started Facebook changed its logarithm where they show more content from friends and family members as opposed to publishers-this was a blow to bloggers. Due to those changes, most bloggers had to shift their energy to organic traffic, but for them to be successful they have to learn how to mix keywords to produce viral content.

There is one tool I always use when searching for perfect keywords; it’s called LongTail Pro, which has 7-day free trial.I always recommend the tool to other bloggers and has helped them immensely. You can visit their website here and learn more

Use email marketing

Email marketing will boost your traffic immensely. There are numerous email marketing that most bloggers use, they include LeadPages and ConvertKit.ConvertKit is one that enables your readers to subscribe to your content such that whenever you make new updates, they will be notified collectively. Assuming you have 100,000 email subscribers, each time you share your content, more than 10,000 of them will read it, others will share. Out of 10,000 views,500 will click on the adverts. Assuming each click costs $0.05,you will make up to $2.5 from that single post.ConvertKit has a 14 month free trial, you can subscribe for free here

Quality and regular content

Of course you may earn $100 today,what about tomorrow?In order to earn the same amount consistently, you have to produce quality content.This can only be possible if you are passionate about what you are doing.

There is also no way you can expect to earn $100 each day if you aren’t posting regularly. Blogging demands hard work, dedication and regular reinventing .The more you post,the more you get return visitors.

Share on social media

You can get traffic from social media,email marketing,direct and organic.Without a combination of both,you will have a deficit in terms of income.Any time you post content on  your blog,ensure you share on social media.The social media traffic may gain you few clicks.

Amount of views you need for you to earn $100 per day

Assuming you have targeted traffic from Europe,USA,UK and Canada,you will need this traffic to earn $100 per day:

20,000 organic traffic

20,000 social media traffic

20,000 direct traffic

10,000 Email marketing traffic

Ideally, you need 50,000 to 100,000 daily page views to earn at least $100 from AdSense per day.

Here is what should happen in terms of clicks:

Make sure the average CPC is 0.10 such that 10,000 views can generate at least $10.This is only achievable when you target high paying niche and organic traffic.

There are things that can also influence the amount of money you earn: The AD placement, traffic source, Geographical location of your traffic and whether you own authority blog.