How to fix the “508 Resource Limit is reached” error in WordPress?


“508 Resource Limit is reached” error occurs regularly in some websites and it’s extremely irritating.

The error reads:

“Resource Limit Is Reached

The website is temporarily unable to service your request as it exceeded resource limit. Please try again later”.

Most WordPress websites, especially the new sites experience the error, but resolving it in most cases is an issue.

There are many causes of this error and there are many ways of solving it.

To begin with, you should be aware that the error recurs periodically, unless you take appropriate action.

First delete all the Plugins, maybe one of the plugins is causing the problem. Then install the basic plugins only and monitor your site for some time.

Another reason why the problem occurs is because of your website host. Some hosts provide very little bandwidth, which are not enough to sustain your high website traffic. If indeed that is the reason, then try to change your hosting company.

Try installing the plugin “WP Super Cache” and activate and configure it properly. That will reduce MySQL usage, which in turn will significantly reduce CPU use.

WP Super Cache is a free plugin that can be installed within seconds.

Another reason why you might be having the problem is because you are receiving huge amount of traffic that your hosting company is unable to accommodate your website. Try to contact them and if they give such a reason, you can upgrade to VPS, which is more expensive.

Another common reason is that your site is that your web site is poorly written from programming point. Try to contact a good programmer to resolve the issue.