How To Get a Job as Air Hostess/Cabin Crew at Kenya Airways


Cabin Crew/Air Hostess jobs are in demand in Kenya but the opportunities available are very limited to a few who know people and the lucky ones. Some of the companies that employ cabin crew/air hostesses include Kenya Airways, KLM, AirKenya, Fly 540 and Phoenix Aviation Kenya.

Kenya Airways is the largest employer, and every year the carrier employs over 20 cabin crew members, who are trained for a period not less than 6 months before they are deployed to serve the Pride of Africa.

To get a job at KQ as a cabin crew is not easy, the scramble for the few spaces is so serious that even money exchange hands sometimes, but there are two or three people who get the job genuinely.

The easiest way to get the job is by working at the company as an intern. By doing so, you will know people who matter at the company, who can connect you to the right people.

Another easier way is to always log on to their website and apply for available opportunities.

You can also drop a blind application at the offices-but I doubt whether they will consider your application.

Finally, note that getting a job at Kenya Airways as Air Hostess/Cabin Crew is not easy, even if you are extremely beautiful.What is required here is to know somebody, or at worst luck.