How To Get A Job at Britam Insurance Kenya


Britam is one of the largest and most profitable Insurance Companies in Kenya. Getting a job in this institution is a dream for every graduate because it pays very well and working conditions are favourable.

Unlike other Insurance companies, you can secure a job at Britam through your qualifications, and not who you know. What is required of you is to have good academic papers from university backed up with professional qualifications in CPA, CIFA, CFA, ACCA or Actuarial papers. If you score Second upper or First Class, then getting a job at Britam won’t be hard.

Then visit their site regularly to check for available opportunities.Britam update their website regularly, so it’s good to check weekly for available job vacancies.

The best graduates to get a job at Britam are those with degrees in Finance, Accounting, Statistics, Actuarial Science, Marketing and Insurance.






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