How to get a job at Safaricom Kenya


Safaricom is one of the best paying companies in Kenya. Getting a job at the telecom company is a dream come true for most Kenyans.

So many graduates and job seekers have tried to search for employment at safaricom without success. This is because they don’t know the secret of securing a job there.

In order to secure employment at Safaricom you must be the best in your field. For instance, if you want a job involving graduate trainee you must score at least upper second from the university, then pursue a professional course.

Graduates who pursued IT and computer science related courses must be very good in programming and also pursue CISCO, CCNT or a popular computer related professional course.

If you possess a degree in HR, customer care, marketing or related course and you want to join Safaricom as customer care representative or HR division, make sure you possess excellent communication skills coupled with a certificate in Certified Secretaries.

The easiest job to get at Safaricom is the sales position. To get this job you just drop your CV at Safaricom headquarters in Westlands.The position

The best degree programmes required at Safaricom include BCOM, PR, IT, computer science, statistics, Law and Engineering.

This one is the most important:

Jobseekers usually get confused between sending job application online or send hard copies. Well, when it comes to Safaricom, send application online if the position was advertised but if you are sending blind application, drop your application letter at Safaricom headquarters.

Sending blind application on email will not be read. You will notice that all advertised jobs by Safaricom have reference numbers.