How To Get a Job at Tanzania Revenue Authority


Tanzania Revenue Authority is one of the highest paying institutions in Tanzania. The largest bank in Tanzania, TRA, pays fresh graduates up to Tsh 2 million, which is even more than what some branch managers earn in Tanzania. To get a job at Tanzania Revenue Authority, you must do the following.

First, you must have a degree from a well-recognized university in Tanzania or from abroad. The most preferred degrees include Law, Taxation, Accounting, Statistics, Mathematics, Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Economics, IT, Computer Science, Media and communication and related courses. You can also secure a job at the authority if you possess a diploma in courses related with above degrees.

Tanzania Revenue Authority advertises jobs for fresh graduates annually. This is the best opportunity for new graduates to get employed by the taxman and launch a career. But many fresh graduates make a mistake of not following instructions.

The moment you notice that the institution has advertised for opportunities, rush to make your CV and you cover letter professional. Then on TRA website,fill the form provided.Below are instructions you will get before filing the form:

All applicants are required to properly fill in the application form provided in the system. Please be informed that shortlisting is a machinery process done through the Human resources Information System. Failure to fill in all the fields properly may lead to disqualification.

For assistance on how to fill in the Job  Application Form please make use of on line  “HELP”  available under the Application Form or dial TRA Call Centre Tel: 0800110016 (TTCL & Vodacom), 0786 800000 (AIRTEL) , 0713800333 (TIGO) from 0800 to 1700 Hours Monday to Friday. These are Toll free numbers.

This is the point where most graduates go wrong by filling the form in a manner that is not acceptable by the authority.

One thing you should know is that TRA is strict to deadline, so if you want to get a job there always be among the first one to apply for available opportunities. Please also note that the institution does not give opportunities to people who do not possess minimum qualifications. This is due to large number of applications they receive.

Also, avoid sending blind applications to the authority-no one will read your application letter.