How To Get a Job or Internship at Central Bank of Kenya (CBK)


Central Bank of Kenya is one of the best paying institutions in the coutry.It is also among the best places to work if at all you want to grow in your career. But getting a job at this institution is not as easy as you thought-you must know what qualifications are needed.

First, CBK always strive to employ the best personnel, if possible from IMF and World Bank but sometimes it can pick individuals from local organizations.

The common opportunities advertised at CBK require individuals with business background, IT or computer science, Statistics, and Actuarial Science. Each job vacancy advertised by CBK attracts over 10,000 applicants, which makes it hard for any single individual to get the opportunity.

One secret you should have as an applicant is that there are some factors that matter when it comes to employment at CBK.One, courses like CFA and ACCA, CCNT, ORACLE,CICT are given first priority. Individuals with these courses are likely to be picked for interviews. More importantly,if the position being advertised involve Investment, then be sure CFA holder will be given the job.alternatively,they can employ someone who has worked in the UN, World Bank, African Development Bank or IMF.

If they will not select individuals from the institutions above, they will go for people professionals who have worked at NSE, CMA, PWC, KPMG, Citibank,E&Y or Deloitte.But sometimes they can go as far as considering individuals who scored first class in college and have some banking experience.

For IT department, they obvious go for people who possess professional qualifications on top of a degree. They also like employing individuals who have worked in large institutions like Safaricom, IBM and Google.

Finally, CBK advertises their jobs on their website.