How To Get Internship or Temporary employment in Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA)


Getting Internship in KRA is a dream of many students because the institution is among the best paying parastatals in Kenya.

I know a number of you believe that since KRA is a big institution, getting a job there is almost next to impossibility. You are losing a golden chance.

To get internship at KRA, follow the following instructions.

Make sure you have a written recommendation letter from your university. Then have a professionally written CV and transcripts- if you have not graduated.

Armed with the documents stated above, apply for internship or temporary employment at KRA and post the letter through post office.



Kenya Revenue Authority,

Times Tower-28th Floor,

Haile Selassie Avenue,

P.O. Box 48240-00100 GPO.


The best time to apply for internship

Make sure you apply three months before the time you anticipate to start your internships.

In most cases, KRA employ interns from May to August each year, so apply From November to February.

Salaries paid interns in KRA

Interns and temporary employees earn Ksh 35,000-Ksh55, 000.






3 responses to “How To Get Internship or Temporary employment in Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA)”

  1. Daniel Magati Ochwang'i Avatar
    Daniel Magati Ochwang’i

    Comment:I would like to do my internship at Kenya Revenue Authority since am doing actuarial science..I like the institution very much

  2. Kongo Stephen Karanja Avatar
    Kongo Stephen Karanja

    I have always wished to work in KRA am sure that by this my dreams will come glad to all people working on such excellent institution greatly.I will apply on time to ensure that am not got my the time.Good people

  3. Peninah Mwikali Avatar
    Peninah Mwikali

    Comment:I would like to get internship with KRA if possible From May to August next year.I value the institution greatly

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