How to Increase Blog Traffic For Free


It’s every blogger’s ambition to increase their blog traffic for free but this dream is often shattered by the fact that they aren’t sure of the tricks they would employ to achieve their objectives. If you are a blogger and would like to increase your blog traffic for free, here is what to do.

Write unique content

A journey of 1000 miles starts with a single step, and in blogging identifying the best topic that would generate unique content is a huge step. As a blogger the only way to beat your competitors is having unique content, which everyone would always come to read. If you make a mistake of writing like anyone else, your blog will not grow, unless you pay Google or Yahoo to promote it.

Use the right CMS and Theme

Another easy way of increasing your blog traffic is by using the right Content Management System.Wordpress is the most common CMS that most bloggers use. The reason why they are enthusiastic about WordPress is that it’s good for SEO.To surprise you, most of the blogs that appear on page one of search engines are using WordPress.

Now, if you are using Blogger or Weebly, it’s better you start thinking about WordPress, and when you are using wordpress you will be able to use plugins that will boost your search rankings.

WordPress Theme

Choosing the right WordPress Theme can greatly boost your SEO ranking. While new bloggers tend to use free themes, the established ones use the premium ones. It’s confirmed that most free themes are not SEO friendly, which is the reason many blogs that are using them are not growing in terms of traffic. It’s for this reason that you should at least spend some money to buy a theme that would boost SEO and increase your AdSense earnings. You can buy a Theme from Themeforest (here is the link)

Use WordPress SEO Plugins

If you have a WordPress website you should use a free Wordrpress SEO Plugin. The best plugins include:

  • Yoast SEO
  • SEOPress
  • On-Page SEO

Choose the right Web Hosting Company

Another way to increase your website traffic for free is to choose the right web hosting company.You’ll realize that some web hosting companies have put restrictions such that if your website exhausts the resources allocates,it is suspended. This is one of the things that can limit your website growth.To avoid this,you have to change your host.

If your website is relatively small, here are the two hosting companies to migrate to:



If you have a viral website, you should host at Kinsta.This company is regarded the best for WordPress viral websites.

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If you are serious about succeeding in blogging, you should post regularly. When you post regularly, Google bots will be able to crawl your site as soon as you post an article. Posting regularly will also make your regular readers to visit your blog regularly.

Use SEMRUSH tool for free.

Another way of increasing your blog traffic for free is to use SEMRUSH SEO tool for free. This tool has helped many bloggers to achieve their dreams by revealing the most common key words and which key words the competitors are using. You can sign up for this tool for free, here is the link