How to Insure your Home Through Ooba South Africa


Ooba offers insurance policy for people who would want to insure their homes.

If a fire, flood or any other unforeseen disaster were to damage or completely destroy your home, you’d be faced with the stress of having to rebuild and find alternative accommodation. You’d also be forced to pay a bond instalment on an asset that no longer exists. Not fair. But that’s the reality.

That’s why ooba’s Buildings Protector is the essential building insurance plan, if you’re buying a property. This insurance is a statutory requirement if the property is bonded. So if you want to go ahead and purchase a property, you must be covered.

ooba Buildings Protector is a comprehensive plan that protects the structure of your home and all the permanent fixtures and fittings in it, against damage caused as a result of an unforeseen event such as fire, flood, lightening etc.

Ooba’s Buildings Protector cover has highly competitive premiums and comes with several unique value-added benefits. Our policy is tailor made for you, the home owner.  The company will make sure you are correctly insured.

One of the company’s Insurance Specialists will contact you, if required, with information on their Buildings Protector Plan.

How to Insure your Home Loan Debt

What might happen to your home if, for some reason, you were unable to pay your bond?  This is essential to consider when buying a property.  You and your family need to know that future home loan repayments can be met.

The ooba Bond Protector provides bondholders and their dependants with comprehensive bond insurance cover in the event of death, disability, dread disease or retrenchment.

The Bond Protector gives you and your dependant’s excellent security during times of unforeseen financial difficulty.

Our Bond Protector package is structured so that your monthly premium will not increase for the duration of the bond.

No medical clearance is required – you qualify for cover up to R1.5 million (pre-existing conditions may be excluded).

How to Insure Your Home Contents and Vehicles

Since you’re moving into a new home, it’s a good time to re-evaluate the contents of your home. There is a good chance that you might get rid of certain household items, or add some new ones.  Moving will generally alter your risk profile – so now is the right time to review the cover you need for all your hard-earned possessions.

ooba offers you a customised solution that looks at all your possessions, and gives you exactly the right home contents insurance cover for anything that might get stolen or damaged.  It includes not only the contents of your home and your vehicles but also a number of other important things that you might not have considered.  It is always important to be sure that you are neither under nor over insured, as either scenario could end up costing you.

They have identified a customised solution, offering you competitive rates, choice of product, value-added services and an efficient claims service that focuses on quickly replacing your assets with the least amount of inconvenience.

How to Insure Your Rental Property

ooba’s Rent Protector is rental property insurance that benefits by guarding landlords and tenants against risks associated with residential letting. Rent Protector takes care of all the legwork that comes with renting property and offers the following unique and highly valuable benefits to landlords and tenants.


  1. NO DEPOSIT required
  2. Covered for loss of rental (up to 3 months)
  3. Rent repaid within 48 hours of claim, should the tenant fail to pay on the due date
  4. Legal fees for eviction (up to R50 000)
  5. Damages cover (up to 1 month’s rent)
  6. Unpaid utilities cover (up to 1 month’s rent)
  7. Absconding tenant cover (up to 1 month’s rent)
  8. Free credit vetting for all applying tenants